Welcome to Medline ReNewal OnDemand!

We have recently updated our OnDemand experience to a new website that is currently in beta, and would like to give you the option to check it out!

Legacy OnDemand

This is the same OnDemand website that we have had for many years.

OnDemand Beta

This is the new OnDemand website that will be the new customer portal for all Medline ReNewal activity.

Please see the FAQ below for details or login and see for yourself.

Frequently asked questions about the OnDemand Beta.

Q: Is my username and password for the beta site the same as my old login to the legacy site?
A: Usernames and passwords are separate on the new site, however an initial copy of user names and passwords were moved to the new site. So your same username and password should work on both sites. If you make a change to your password on one site, it will not take effect on the other site.
Q: Can I still access the legacy OnDemand web-site?
A: The legacy OnDemand site will remain available for a transitionary period of undetermined length. Once we feel that functionality of the new site is adequately tested and covering all functionality of the legacy site, the legacy site will be retired.
Q: What is different/new with the Beta site?
Navigation: The navigation of the OnDemand portal has been updated to be more consistent with the corporate web-site making use of a more visual interface.
Branch (Non-direct) Sales: : Non-direct sales through the Medline network of distribution centers are now included in all reporting. This includes savings calculations, opportunity calculation, and order details. This is incorporating alternate unit of measures for some items which are converted to lowest unit of measure (LUM) for some reporting in order to allow a common denominator for statistics etc.
Contribution Reporting: Contribution is a new area of tallying and reporting describing the items we’ve received from a customer. This data is used to drive environmental impact reporting as well as GAP analyses in the dashboard.
Dashboard: The existing dashboard has been updated to fit a wider array of customers. Environmental reporting has been modified to derive off of contributions in order to capture the green impact of reprocessing separate from savings goals. Sales activities from distribution centers are included in opportunity calculations to better help identify estimate additional areas of savings remaining opportunity. Opportunity analyses, contribution, and or sales are used in combination to estimate total opportunity for a better gap analysis available to a wider audience of customers.
Q: Is the Beta site data live?
A: All data in the Beta site is live and current.
Q: Is ordering on the Beta site live?
A: All purchasing interfaces on the beta site are live and will create live orders. The interface has been updated and will optionally include general inventory that may not have been available in the legacy site.
Q: What do I do if I find a bug in the new Beta site?
A: Please send an email to ODBugReport@medline.com and we will do our best to address the issue.