Lightswitch Lite

Designed to be a simpler solution to Lightswitch Integration, Medline ReNewal's inventory status platform

Gives the customer a view of the process used in the full automation for Lightswitch Integration, without requiring IT/IS resources

ReNewal becomes another optional vendor to purchase from in a customer's item master

ReNewal relays current inventory status on whether reprocessed items are available for purchase, communicated via email

Optimize Savings

Implementation time for this solution can be same day, pushing savings impacts forward

A customer supply chain resource can manually make the MMIS configuration change based on the item status for items in the program

Removes the burden of checking for available reprocessed inventory

Efficient Process

Email campaign can be scheduled to go out on any pattern of days at any time

Each time the campaign runs, the status of each item in the program is recorded-- The next time the process runs we look at the status and point out any items that have changed since the last communication.

The email campaign makes the buyer experience seamless.

  1. Buyer receives list of Lightswitch Lite items agreed upon
  2. Notified via email when a change in item state occurs so buyer knows to switch Medline ReNewal from the primary vendor to the secondary vendor until inventory levels increase
    *CVS file of items without any changes also attached to email.
  3. Proceed with purchases

Lightswitch Lite Email Examples