What is Lightswitch

Medline ReNewal’s inventory status platform that optimizes savings – without any manual interaction

MMIS integration that makes daily updates to purchasing systems to minimize backorders and streamline the procurement process

Medline ReNewal becomes another optional vendor to purchase from in a customer’s item master

ReNewal relays current inventory status on whether reprocessed items are available for purchase

Optimize Savings

Removes the burden of checking for available reprocessed inventory

Requires no additional ordering outside of standard interface

Helps enforce compliance and allows for product portfolio expansion

Savings are immediate rather than later with a rebate check

Same Ordering Process

No changes to the MMIS system itself

Zero transfer of personal health information (PHI)

Lightswitch is a web method of relaying available inventory

Lightswitch turns on and off automatically based on available quantity

  • Turns off when reprocessed inventory is low and switches contract to order the new item
  • Turns on when reprocessed inventory is available

Business logic is centralized outside of the MMIS system

Lightswitch Lite

Learn about an even easier way to achieve the results of integration.

Integration Details

Learn about how the integration works

Items Report

See details about items not a part of your integration (for integrated customers only).

Logging Report

See item availability over time based on integration executions